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Immigrants comin over ‘ere…

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Stewart Lee, easily the 41st best standup comic out there, if not, say, 34th even.

In this bit from his Comedy Vehicle show he takes the anti-immigration stance of the British UK Independence Party (UKIP) to its final and utterly convincing conclusion. (Spoiler: it’s bad news for particles of energy. But great news for the UK’s immigration statistics.)


Now a lot of people’ve been saying they’re voting UKIP as a protest vote, which is sort of understandable. When we were young a protest vote, you voted for someone nice, who might not get in, like the Greens, didn’t you, or some funny silly amusing party, like the Raving Monster Loony Party, or the Liberal Democrats.
People’ve been voting for the UKIPs as a protest vote, and they’re nasty, and they might get in. And then what kind of protest is that? That’s like shitting your hotel bed as a protest against bad service. And then realizing you’ve now got to sleep in a shitted bed!

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